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Cecil Stories

Early milestones

February 1, 2021
Alex Logan

If you find something that you want to change, you have two options.

One, is to talk about the change you are going to make.

Or, two, stop talking. And begin.

February 1st has been a target date that our team has worked hard towards over the last 3 months.

Today, we stopped talking and began...

February 1st Milestones

Form a team ✅

Feb 1st marked our first day of full time employment as founders. We opened business accounts, bought laptops and celebrated with a dinner of plain pasta. Just like the first day of school - exciting, stressful and full of questionable meal choices.

Sign 2 pilot customers ✅

We have signed agreements with two customers to co-develop the first version of Cecil.

These agreements indicate that we are edging closer to finding product market fit, as we continue to understand where we deliver most value.

We expect to onboard an additional 2 pilot customers before March 1st from our healthy sales pipeline of developers managing over 750 projects across Australia, Europe and the US.

Pitch deck ✅

We have a pitch deck that shares our purpose, the problem, solution and business details. We will keep this deck up to date as we learn more from our pilot customers and our hypotheses evolve overtime.

We are always happy to share our thinking on all things Cecil. Please let us know if you'd like to hear more.

April 1st

Cecil 1.0 🚀

We now look ahead towards our next stage gate - April 1st 2021.

We have a renewed focus on product build and iterating based on learnings from our early pilot customers. We will share more details on these targets as we progress.

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