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Cecil Stories

Platform launch. 100+ NBS projects

June 14, 2021
Alex Logan

👨‍🚀 Launching 1.0

We're delighted to announce the soft launch of the Cecil platform. After 3.5 months of exploratory interviews, rapid prototypes and late night calls with carbon project developers from Madagascar to Mackay, we've released the first version of Cecil with our customers!


nature-based carbon projects on the platform


global product builders


months since we started

🍃Carbon collaboration

We believe that better collaboration can change the world. From insightful co-creation sessions with patient early adopters, to discussions with certification bodies embracing new technology to increase project supply, Cecil has been a collaborative effort. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this journey so far - we would not be here without you.

🏗 Product-led

With over 100+ projects on the platform and customers delivering daily product feedback, we've successfully transitioned into life as a product-led business. As urgency grows for the delivery of quality nature based projects worldwide, we're excited to continue our mission to support the teams working hard to supply them.

Unlike the Apollo space programs of old, this launch is not destined for the moon. It will not be met by applauding fanfare or announcement on the evening news. Instead, we'll take the time to acknowledge this important milestone as a team... before quietly getting back to work.

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