At Cecil, we believe in the power of incremental gains. The compounding effect of improving 1%, every day.

This mindset is how we approach building product.

It's how we tackled the creation of a new website & prototype in 7 days. It's why we continue to challenge what's possible in short periods of time.

Check out our new website -

Our new website and prototype are live with an updated look and feel. It provides an overview of Cecil's features and a vision for how our product will enable teams to manage, monitor and maintain nature based carbon projects.

Product build summary

  • A big call out to our designer, Ben, who worked tirelessly to deliver the website and prototype designs on time
  • Our first engineering sprint is complete with infrastructure set up and deployed
  • Sprint 01 for feature development kicks off today

Cecil 1.0 🚀

Our next stage gate - April 1st 2021.

  • New website launched ✅
  • Product vision prototype launched ✅
  • Working software in the hands of pilot customers (April 1st)

Next steps 👀

  • Rapid prototype testing & iteration with our pilot customers, landowners and other carbon project stakeholders
  • Onboarding product build team members
  • Exciting announcement on advisory roles

The purpose of these posts is to share updates on our progress, learnings and failures... We would appreciate any feedback or connections that might be triggered whilst reading.

As always, thank you for your support and feedback to date.

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