Teams need to know what change they are going to make in this world. It is fuel for the journey. It is grit. It is passion. It is meaning. It is the belief that there is, or soon will be, a better way to do this.

No vision. No fuel.No fuel. No culture.No culture. No team.No team. No point.

With our team growing, we decided it was important for us to revisit Cecil's "why."

5 timezones, 2 workshops and 1 giant cup of coffee later, we refined a purpose and set of core values that we all believe in.


🌲 To help anyone working to restore nature

We believe that enabling better collaboration between the people who care can reverse climate change and reinstate a healthy, living planet.


👩‍🌾  Help the helpers **

We're united by a responsibility to empower anyone working to restore nature, so nature can restore us.

🥕 Be like soil

We’re driven to cultivate the diverse growth of everyone we work with.

🤝 Support symbiosis

We're bound by the belief that open and transparent collaboration can change the world.

🏔 Change small, change big

We’re focused on answering a simple question across people, product and business - how can we be better today, than we were yesterday?

Open roles

To friends who are looking to join a purpose-driven group of product builders, we are searching for top talent hungry to drive carbon capture through better collaboration.

Careers @ Cecil

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