Natural asset management, engineered for scale

From nature-based offset projects to biodiversity inventories, Cecil simplifies natural asset management with software designed to grow with you.

Task & compliance management

One platform to manage work

Bring everything into one place. With Cecil’s customised workflows, document management and reports, maintain nature-based offset projects with an audit trail you can trust.


Connect your data

Streamline monitoring and audits. From site visits to remote sensing integrations, Cecil collects project events to empower your team with a complete data toolkit.

Feature One Platform

Geospatial visualisation

View your entire portfolio

Cecil’s live site maps give you a better picture of your natural asset portfolio. Use the platform’s visualisation tools to overlay multiple GIS layers, identify points of interest and manage site work more intelligently.

Performance tracking

Monitor asset performance

Integrate all data feeds across your natural asset portfolio. Cecil synchronises multiple public and proprietary data sources to generate unique insights on risk and performance.

Stakeholder management

Engage your stakeholders

Invite investors, delivery partners and auditors to join your team in seconds. Control what each invitee can see using permissions settings and share real-time impact reports to keep everyone on the same page.

Why Cecil


Single source of truth

Everything is in-platform, creating a data foundation that unlocks better ongoing decision making.


Get your time back

Manage natural assets, faster. Our users reduce costs by saving 10+ hours per week.


Quality first

Deliver investment grade natural assets designed to maximise outcomes for everyone involved.

Ready to grow a portfolio of quality nature-based projects?

With Cecil’s all-in-one management platform, you have everything you need to scale your team, business and impact.