The collaboration platform for nature based projects

Join teams using Cecil to manage, monitor, and maintain nature-based projects

Manage carbon projects

Cecil's software enables teams to monitor and maintain nature carbon based projects.

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The global platform for Natural Capital

Teams use Cecil's software to operate, track and report on natural capital assets.

Unified platform

A suite of natural capital management products

Over the next 5 years, policy changes and social pressures will drive US$5 trillion of climate finance into nature restoration. Cecil’s products bring everything together that’s required to develop and invest in natural capital assets.


Connect your data

Streamline monitoring and audits. From site visits to remote sensing integrations, Cecil collects project events to empower your team with a complete data toolkit.

Feature One Platform

Designed for teams restoring nature

A single source of truth driving quality supply

Cecil's platform consolidates data collected across natural capital assets to deliver trusted outcomes for all market participants. We create a data foundation to help teams track performance and share impact with all stakeholders.

Why Cecil

A technology first approach to natural capital

Integration first

From direct integrations with remote sensing providers to land management tools, we help teams connect their existing natural capital management stack in one place.

Record of proof

We track all activity in the platform to provide a trusted record of proof, helping teams maintain credibility and compliance with all ecosystem service verification standards.

Geospatial collaboration

Cecil combines geospatial data with team collaboration. View your portfolio using powerful satellite mapping, whilst bringing all asset stakeholders into one place.

Enterprise ready

Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime and are highly scalable and secure. Cecil is certified to the highest compliance standards.

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